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Zeren Sports Club is ready for its first match

Sponsored by Zeren Group Holding, Zeren Sports Club will face TEİAŞ on the first match in the Women's Volleyball 2nd League of the Turkish Volleyball Federation.

Competitions in the Turkish Women's Volleyball 2nd League featuring 136 competing teams will be taken on in 15 groups. Zeren SK, placed in the 12th group of the league and continuing its preparations for the season will play its first match with TEİAŞ on Friday, October 7, at 20:00. Continuing the training with young and dynamic players, the experienced manager of Zeren Sports Club, Gülben Günay, said, “It is very exciting to continue with my 23 year volleyball career in Zeren Sports Club.”

Zeren, President of the Club: Sport is our culture

Mustafa Yiğit Zeren, President of Zeren Sports Club which was founded in Ankara, states the following about the club: “We are happy to activating our sports club as the indicator of our emphasis on supporting sport and sportswomen. Founded in 1973, Zeren Group Investment Holding A.Ş. which continues to touch the lives of millions of people. Our determination and self-sacrificing efforts in business life will be with us in sports life as well. Inspired by our vision, we reflect our determined and stable stance to our fans with our club's logo." said.

Zeren Group, which started its activities with the aim of creating valued individuals to the society and talented sports womens in Turkish volleyball and establishing Zeren SK, aims to be with the society in every branch of sports.

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