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Zeren Group made 40 million dollars of investment in the Netherlands and Poland

Among the long-established holdings of Turkey, Zeren Group has taken action for its new renewable energy investments in Europe. Already providing services in public accounting, construction, real estate, media, outdoor advertising, IT and automotive industries, the Group will make renewable energy investments in Europe. According to the Group’s statement, Zeren Group will make solar and wind energy investments in the Netherlands and Poland worth 40 million dollars.

Mentioning his opinions in the statement,CEO of Zeren Group Mustafa Yiğit Zeren highlighted the Group’s investments in England and Montenegro. About the new investment, Zeren commented: “For all our investments, we adopt an approach with which we believe that we will achieve the value of our potential, and thanks to which we can turn potential ideas into opportunities. We will also continue our investments abroad in 2021. During the pandemic, we have expedited the subject of renewable energy investments in the Netherlands and Poland, which was on our agenda for quite some time. With our investments in these countries as Zeren Group, we will continue to carry out our mission of providing national income for our country. Above all, we will take further steps towards becoming a global company.”

Reaching a portfolio covering 50 MW within the next three years is the target

Stating that they will continue to grow with new investments, especially in the energy and tourism industries, Mustafa Yiğit Zeren says: “During the pandemic, we have organized our long-term investments by approaching them in a widespread manner. At Zeren Group, our objective in 2021 is to grow in the field of international investment and in other strategic fields. Within this context, renewable energy investments are among the industries we primarily focus on. Especially, cost advantages brought by the advanced technologies in the field of solar energy differentiates investments positively. Currently, we carry out renewable energy projects in a few European countries, especially in the Netherlands, Ukraine and Romania. In this field, we collaborate with the key international players of the energy industry. We aim to reach a portfolio covering 50 MW within the next three years.”

“Renewable energy is the future”

Remarking that renewable energy sources are of vital importance for the future of the world, Mustafa Yiğit Zeren says: “The world’s electricity consumption continuously increases in the face of constantly decreasing fossil fuel sources. Each year, we consume more electricity than the previous one. To balance this high demand, we need to leverage renewable energy sources at the highest level possible. At Zeren Group, we believe that renewable energy is the future. Therefore, we continue investing in solar and wind energies.”

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