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Zeren Group Holding grew by 13 percent in the third quarter

Investing in a wide range of sectors from public accounting to IT and from real estate to media, Zeren Group Holding grew by 13 percent compared to last year, according to the third quarter report. Third-quarter data shows that Zeren Group Holding, which has more than 200 employees, also increased its number of employees in London to over 10. “CEO of the year” Mustafa Yiğit Zeren remarked that they have turned into an international brand in the sectors they operate in, and will continue to provide employment for the country.

Zeren Certified Public Accountant Services have nearly 600 taxpayers all around Turkey. Mainly working with foreign customers, Zeren Certified Public Accountant is the preference of new investors in Turkey for servicing in many languages and having international partners. The company continues its operations in its new headquarters in Levent, Istanbul with its growing, young and dynamic team.

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