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Zeren Group became an international brand in various sectors

Zeren Group, which is one of the well-trusted brands of its sector with its activities for almost half a century, continues to create tremendous added value for the country's economy with its companies under the leadership of Mustafa Yiğit Zeren.

The company continues its activities in the field of accounting and financial consultancy with the Zeren Accounting brand and also built thousands of living spaces with the Zeren GYO and Oji brands. The company, which helps its clients in terms of maximizing the benefits of the law, protecting them from risks and solving their problems, keeps on creating tremendous added value for the country's economy by bringing the investment opportunities in the market to the attention of foreign investors. We discussed the sector, Zeren Group and their projects with the second generation manager of the company and Board Member Mustafa Yiğit Zeren, who stated that they have been in the trade as a family since 1973.

Could you tell us about the activity areas and foundation history of the Zeren Group?
Zeren Group was founded in 1973 by Rıdvan Zeren. We first started in the field of certified and independent accounting and then independent auditing was added to this. With the growth of the business, Zeren Group Inc. has established new companies in the fields of construction, real estate, media and information technologies. We strengthened our company. In addition to our Istanbul, Mersin, Adana and Niğde offices, we have an office in London too. After completing my education at the Department of Business Administration at Istanbul Sabancı University, I completed my master's degree in economics in the UK. I am an international financial advisor and have been working in our company since 2014. I am currently working as a Member of the Board of Zeren Group Companies.

"We are continuing our contribution to Turkey's growing economy" The globalized world forms a complex tax environment while offering new opportunities and markets in business life. In this environment, we share our experience and know-how for our clients to benefit from the advantages in law, to protect them from risks and to solve their problems with our Zeren Accounting brand, which is under the roof of Zeren Group. We carry out certified and independent accounting and independent audit activities. We have 400 taxpayers in general in Turkey. We usually work with foreign customers. For our international clients, we provide services in several languages and that makes us the first choice of foreign investors coming to Turkey. It is one of the areas where nearly 150 employees work and where we are the strongest. Because of my mother and father, we can say that finance is the main profession of our family. We are constantly active in the sector since we have been in trade and finance, as we are part of the chamber of commerce, the chamber of financial advisers for years.

"We took place with our Oji brand in Turkey's construction movement"
We have built thousands of houses with our OJİ brand. After working in Istanbul, Adana and Mersin, we went abroad. First, we realized investments such as hospitals, workplaces and warehouses for the government in Iraq, Iran and Turkmenistan. Then we worked in Dubai and Moscow. Currently, we don’t have any ongoing projects in Turkey, we are focused on our projects abroad. We have 3 projects in the UK consisting of the residence and office projects that we have realized with our partners.

“Zeren GYO created tremendous added value for the country's economy”
Established in 2007, Zeren GYO continues its activities mainly on business and project development in the real estate sector. So far it has provided services to many important national and international capital investments throughout the country. It has realized sustainable and highly leveraged projects in real estate development and sales aspect in regions with high commercial value. Our company has been evaluating the investment opportunity costs effectively for the attention of investors since its establishment and has also created tremendous added value for the country's economy. Usually, our real estate company carries out a variety of the works such as the purchase of lands for projects or leasing of the projects we have realized, cooperation with other companies, and management of projects.

“Our biggest investment is in technology”
MYZ CO is a company founded by myself, and also an abbreviation of my name, Mustafa Yiğit Zeren. Our company is mainly working on information and technology but now focused on media. The outdoor area media covering and leasing to be specific. At the same time, our investments continue in informatics and technology fields. Although it was founded in 2015, MYZ CO is our fastest-growing company and has the most staff. Client potential consists of foreign and big companies. Besides, I have been involved a couple of start-ups from the establishment, but I only provide financial support due to my busy schedule. I am very hopeful of two of the projects we are working on.

You are on the Board and Executive Directors of the Turkish-American Businessmen Association, can you give us some information about the activities of the association?
I am on the Board and Executive Directors of the Turkish-American Businessmen Association. Lastly, we organized an iftar with TABA-AmCham, of which we are the main sponsor. Our iftar dinner was held with a participation of 500 people including statesmen and clergymen. In this iftar, we symbolized the unity of religion, brotherhood and peace. I stated in my speech there that we want our companies to be operated most cleanly and to be remembered by people in complete unity and solidarity. Our project for creating Turkish investment and industrial zones in the USA continues. I take part in his management and continue our work with our president. Thanks to the Turkish-American Businessmen Association, we try to globalize our companies by establishing very serious connections with the US. There are many benefits for those who both looking forward to doing business there and also who want to invest in Turkey.

What are your short and long-term goals?
We operate in our sectors by adopting our slogan "Your Job, Our Life" to all our works. We are a company that cares about the quality of life and therefore we have to give the best. Our biggest goal is to strengthen our companies in their fields. We never give up our growth goals. While everyone decided to shrink before the election, I added new friends to our team. The growth rate of our turnover has been increasing continuously for the last 7 years. Our country is growing, we need to grow accordingly. I would also like to thank our associations and consuls. They have never withheld their support from us. After the election, everything settled down and getting rid of the political uncertainty paved the way for the trade. As we grow as a country, foreigners want to get to know us better. We are bringing a lot of investors from the Middle East and Azerbaijan recently. I believe that the demands from other countries will increase over time.

Is there anything else you want to add?
I have been working since my university years and I have come here by working from the first steps. For this reason, I keep the motivation in the office at a very high level. I intended to break the regular 09.00-18.00 working structure in our offices. The biggest foundation of our success and trust in my team comes from there. Since I give them this freedom, they have also shown the best efficiency in their work and haven’t abused the opportunities provided. It is very important for young people to feel supported to improve their vision and grow better. Just wanting is enough to get started, but you have to approach realistically whilst wanting and also you have to run the right strategies on your way to success. Especially when we take today’s technological structure to base, everything became easier thanks to various programs.