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Zeren Group made 40 million dollars of investment in the Netherlands and Poland

A family company with an almost fifty-year history, Zeren Group is making a name for itself in a variety of sectors. It provides services and makes production, including financial consulting, construction, real estate investment, media, outdoor advertising, IT, automotive, tourism and energy. CEO of Zeren Group Holding Mustafa Yiğit Zeren shared the vision behind the group’s success, as well as their strategies and new investment plans during this period when the entire world is facing the Coronavirus.

Our principle of “transparency in service” and our “solution oriented” approach, that we have adopted since 1973, today has made Zeren Group a successful establishment operating with four companies in nine different sectors. Could you share the secret of your success and the strategies which have brought Zeren Group to where it is today?

We build always-planned strategies which involve alternative options based on crisis scenarios, by taking changing economic, social and political conditions into consideration, and successfully move forward by following them. Having a dynamic workforce and a transparent approach in our partnerships are among our strategies, which is the reason for our success in every sector we operate in. We have successfully carried out our business for 48 years, thanks to our social responsibility awareness, our passion to provide added value for our country, and our priorities, which we give to the projects that have a return for society.

You are one of the youngest CEOs in Turkey. Also, you held the position of CFO in Zeren Group prior to being CEO. As a person who has assumed heavy responsibilities and carries them out with success at a young age, could you share your source of motivation? According to you, what are the essentials of progress and improvement in business life?

I think that taking responsibilities at a young age is a great example of entrepreneurship and dynamism that brings action to the business world. I externalize my energy and the diligence I have in my work and new projects. In my opinion, introducing new perspectives, keeping up with the changing world order, and innovation will become more possible with the participation of young people in the business world. I have adopted an understanding that feeds off of work and a way of thinking where a certain project motivates other projects. My greatest source of motivation is to directly and efficiently communicate with our staff, which is my spiritual satisfaction in business life, and I believe in the nourishing power of success.

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