Wage Management and Benefits

We determine and update the wages and vested benefits depending upon job levels, the wage market, the company’s wage policy, and performance factors, as well as by observing sector conditions and in-house balances. Although they are established on the same fundamental principles, wage policies of our companies may differ due to their nature, their position within their sectors, conditions of competition, etc. As a part of our wage policy, we also provide our employees with various fringe benefits according to their position and title.

Following job evaluations, we determine wage policies on the basis of job levels. We closely monitor the wage markets with national and international sector-based research all across the community, and we implement a competitive and fair wage policy as a result of sectoral analyses. The wage policy of a company varies according to the company’s existing wage structure, its position in the sector, as well as its competitiveness and payment ability.

Health Insurance: We provide Zeren Group employees with means of health insurance that involve inpatient immediate treatment and outpatient treatment, in addition to an annual check-up and life insurance whose scope changes according to job level.

Clothing Aid: We implement this once a year in the form of an additional payment to Zeren Group employees other than their wage, with a view to ensuring compliance with our dress code.

Company Phone / Line: We provide Zeren Group employees with a company phone and line according to their positions.

Birthday: We entitle Zeren Group employees to paid leave for their birthdays, and allow them to spend their special days with their loved ones.

Meals: We provide our employees with meal cards to use for lunch.