Recruitment Process

We work throughout the year to select the best applicants for the most appropriate positions. At Zeren Group, we place the utmost importance on competencies as a criterion in the recruitment process. Regardless of the department for which they are evaluated, our candidates are expected to possess certain values. These values play an important role in the recruitment process. They are: teamwork, effective communication, ability to develop cooperation, and being result-oriented and customer-focused.

Following these evaluations, Zeren Group companies offer jobs to those applicants who are found eligible, then we start working with the most appropriate applicant for the relevant position. Here, we question the knowledge, skills and competencies of applicants to ensure their placement in a department which is appropriate to their qualifications.

We know that the most important factor in achieving our objectives is the happiness of our employees. We believe that those with self-confidence and who pursue their dreams and put them into practice will be happier. For this reason, we select our employees from among those applicants who have dreams, are open to development, and who we believe will adopt our corporate culture and help us realize our business goals, as well as in line with the needs of our branches of activity and the principle of equal opportunity.

If you want to join the zeren group family and be a part of this esteemed company full of endless opportunities, you can review our current open positions using the links below. | Take a look at our job advertisements.

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