Human Resources Practices

In our fifty-year-old group of companies, we have accepted the principles of respect for individuals, a participative approach, assuming responsibility, an innovative perspective, creativity, and personal development as the foundations of our human resources values.

We know that our colleagues’ dedication to improving themselves each and every day, with whom we advance forward, is the main reason for our global success. In this respect, we create opportunities for each of them to actively participate in the management plan, and encourage them to take individual responsibility.

We wholeheartedly support our colleagues who aim to reach higher points in their careers, at all times and in every aspect. In addition to the training we provide, we create various opportunities for their personal development, their progress at work, and for their ascending to top-level positions in line with their mental abilities and personality traits.

We are always with our colleagues to maintain job satisfaction, commitment to the company and internal mobility, which are some of the most important values for us.

We always support our colleagues in order to maintain job satisfaction, loyalty to the organization, and internal mobility, which are among our most important values. In this way, we keep productivity at the highest level with our dynamic team that is open to development, and we constantly provide services that go beyond the expectations of our customers.

The most important asset we have is our human resources.