Rıdvan ZEREN

Honorary Chairman & Board Member

Our Honorary Chairman Rıdvan Zeren was born in 1955 in Niğde. He graduated from Cukurova University’s Faculty of Economics with a degree. In 1973, he received the title of Independent Accountant and Financial Advisor, and became one of the first financial advisors in Turkey.

As the manifestation of his pioneering character, he founded Zeren MM in 1973 in Niğde, laying the foundations of Zeren Group Holding, which is one of the important global companies of Turkey today.

Since the day he first started his career, thanks to his success in collaborations and his principle of perfect communication with customers, he has been putting his signature on prominent business partnerships and successful projects. In a short time, he made new breakthroughs owing to his superior service standard and internalized professional attitude, by opening the second branch office in Mersin in 1983, following the first one in Niğde.

Rıdvan Zeren, who has maintained his determination to work since the first day and his ethical values, served his clients himself, under the roof of the solid and long-established company he founded. He never stopped, and kept working hard and looking beyond.

On top of these, he had various political duties and never hesitated to serve his country..

Having delegated his Board Chairmanship to his son, Mustafa Yiğit Zeren, a second-generation member of the family, today, Rıdvan Zeren has no organic or active connection with Zeren Group, while he regularly attends his duties as Independent Accountant and Financial Advisor and as Founding Partner of Zeren MM.