Zeren Group opens its first Starbucks store in Montenegro by the end of the year

Ivan Vuković, the mayor of Podgorica, recently announced that the famous American coffee chain Starbucks will open its first store in Podgorica by the end of this year. The mayor later met with representatives of the Zeren Group, which cooperated with the well-known franchise.

According to the Central Registry of Commercial Enterprises (CRPS), Zeren Group, led by Turkish businessperson Mustafa Yiğit, has established two companies in Montenegro, namely Zeren Group Investment DOO, which focuses on wholesale trade of clothing, and Zeren Food, which serves customers with restaurants and mobile catering services.

Zeren Group Investment was established with a capital of 5001 Euro and Zeren Food with a capital of one Euro, and the headquarters of both affiliates of the Turkish group are at the same address: Diplomat Tower of the Capital Plaza in Podgorica.

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