Zeren Group shines as a powerhouse in the trading industry, operating with an extensive network spanning the globe. Our expertise lies in facilitating international trade operations, with a particular focus on commodities such as petroleum, petroleum products, natural gas, and gold. Our robust trading and logistics network stretches from Europe to the Middle East and Asia, positioning us as a leading service provider in this sector.

Mostrade, a proud member of the Zeren Group, is a specialist in the international trading of commodities. Our expertise extends to petroleum, petroleum products, and natural gas, offering our clients access to a wide range of products and markets. At Mostrade, we understand the complexities of international trade and are dedicated to simplifying the process for our customers, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

In the domain of precious metals, our subsidiary company, Trezor, stands tall as a global player. Specializing in the international trading of gold and other precious metals, Trezor delivers high-quality services rooted in professionalism, integrity, and expertise. Our commitment to the highest standards of trading practices and customer service places us at the forefront of this niche industry.