Professional Services

At our company, we excel in providing consultative and leasing services, leveraging our extensive experience across different sectors. Our comprehensive range of services includes human resources management, investment consultancy, media buying consultancy, and corporate and commercial real estate consultancy.

MYZ CO, the first company within our group, has harnessed its vast knowledge and experience across various sectors to establish a dedicated consulting subsidiary. Through this subsidiary, we offer consultancy services in the professional services industry, leveraging our expertise to provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

At EGG, we specialize in human resources management, consulting, and project services. Our team of experts collaborates with organizations to optimize their HR practices, offering guidance on talent acquisition, development, and retention. We also provide consulting services to address specific organizational challenges and assist in managing complex projects.

In the real estate investment sector, ZEREN GY offers a comprehensive range of services, including project design, investment analysis, project management, and consultancy. We assist clients in making strategic real estate investment decisions, ensuring effective project execution, and providing expert guidance throughout the investment lifecycle.

ZEREN MOTORS, with its headquarters in Germany and Montenegro, specializes in trading and import-export operations of second-hand vehicles across all segments. Our portfolio extends beyond limousine services, encompassing luxury vehicle rentals such as yachts, private planes, and other high-end vehicles. Additionally, we provide comprehensive repair, maintenance, and servicing for these vehicles, ensuring their optimal performance and client satisfaction.