About Us

Experience meets vision at the Zeren Group, a distinguished conglomerate founded by the Zeren family in 1973. With decades of operation, the company has accumulated significant expertise across various industries. Since 2015, the Zeren Group has strategically focused on expanding its investments, particularly emphasising international markets and ventures.

Today, the Zeren Group manages global operations through 8 offices in 6 countries. This widespread presence allows the company to blend its accumulated knowledge and experience with contemporary perspectives and market opportunities. By strategically positioning its offices, the Zeren Group gains valuable insights into local markets, enabling it to navigate the ever-changing business landscape effectively.

The remarkable growth of the Zeren Group is evidenced by its portfolio of 16 brands spanning 7 diverse industries. This diverse range of brands not only showcases the global structure of the company but also serves as a testament to its successful representation of its home country on the international stage.

With its extensive experience and forward-thinking vision, the Zeren Group remains committed to pushing boundaries and driving innovation. By leveraging its wealth of knowledge and embracing new opportunities, the company continues to shape industries and position itself as a leader in the global business arena.