A Message From Our Founder

To the Valued Business Partners, Esteemed Friends, and Beloved Employees of Zeren Group Holding,

We, the Zeren Group, are defined by our rich history and diverse expertise across various industries. With our motto “Experience Meets Vision,” we have accumulated significant knowledge and experience since our establishment by the Zeren family in 1973. Over the years, we have expanded our investments, especially in international markets and ventures, while staying true to our core values.

Today, as a globally recognised brand with 16 brands in 7 different industries, we manage operations across the globe, blending our accumulated wisdom with contemporary perspectives and market opportunities. Our rapid growth is evidenced by our presence in 8 offices across 6 countries, proudly representing our country on the international stage.

Our vision encompasses our foreseeable future, where we aim to become a globally renowned brand by expanding our financial and business acumen across industries and countries. We strive to attract the most talented professionals in the countries we operate in, creating an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Guided by our mission, we conduct our business with honesty, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to prosperity. We believe in the upliftment of others, recognizing that by lifting them up, we can reach greater heights ourselves. In every decision we make, we consider the interests of our company, our employees, suppliers, and all our business partners. We aim to create value for our own country while positively contributing to developing the countries we operate in. Our work environment promotes innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, and we prioritize building strong relationships with our business partners based on trust and respect.

Our values serve as our compass, guiding our journey towards our vision. Collaborating by leveraging each other’s strengths, taking ownership of our responsibilities, embracing an entrepreneurial mindset, being resourceful, valuing collaboration, and focusing on society lifting are the pillars that define our character and identity. These values not only shape our company but also influence the actions and mindset of each and every one of our employees.

To our valued business partners and dear colleagues, let us unite in a spirit of intellect and mutual benefit as we strive to realize our shared goals and contribute to a better future worldwide.

Respectfully and affectionately,

Rıdvan Zeren
Honorary Chairman & Board Member